Natsuiro Kiseki Episode 3!

Summer is the time for sweet things and Anmitsu! Yay!

Summer is the time for fun and anmitsu!!

Here’s Episode 3!

We’re catching up! It’s taking awhile but we’ll catch up soon enough.

This episode features more girls getting stuck together! Yay? 3 episodes released and I’m still trying to figure out which character I like.


[Tasty-Anmitsu] Natsuiro Kiseki – Episode 03 (848×480 h264 AAC) [CF14A46E].mkv


[Tasty-Anmitsu] Natsuiro Kiseki – Episode 03 (1280×720 h264 AAC) [4C76CFA6].mkv


[Tasty-Anmitsu] Natsuiro Kiseki – Episode 03 (1280×720 10bit AAC) [43443310].mkv



Natsuiro Kiseki Episode 1+2!

Yay! Anmitsu!

Our debut begins with the release of our first episode! We may be playing catch-up here, but from our pace, we should be caught up and on track in no time.  But what’s the rush? The show is a “Summer Miracle” after all!

Be sure to await our next release and remember to keep it sweet!

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Hey guys! Welcome to the current website for Anmitsu-fansubs, a joint group between Shini-subs and Tasty-subs. Thanks for taking the time to visit us as we start from a small fansubbing group intending to spread the awesome-ness of Anmitsu (which is very yummy!). Jokes aside, we hope to grow as a fansubbing group and to produce high quality subbed anime for you guys out there.
To commemorate  our founding, we will be releasing Natsuiro Kiseki, our very first release as Anmitsu. We hope you guys will enjoy it as much as we did working on it.

Although we’re a small fansubbing group amidst the hundreds and maybe thousands of fansubbing groups out there, we hope you guys will enjoy our releases as long as we are here fansubbing.